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Wuliyao Industry Zone, Yanshan County, Hebei Province, China.


7 systems

Welcome to JS FITTINGS, where we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality steel pipe fittings, flanges, and related products. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our seven comprehensive systems, which ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

1. Raw material supply system:

Our raw material suppliers have obtained international certifications such as API 5L, CE and ISO. The raw materials are inspected and measured several times before entering our factory, including but not limited to chemical composition testing, mechanical properties testing, density testing and appearance testing. After entering the factory, our experienced quality inspectors will conduct random checks to ensure that the raw materials comply with GOST, ASME, GB, JIS, EN, DIN and other standards.

2.Production Management System:

The JS FITTING factory requires its frontline workers to be fully engaged in production while ensuring their own safety. All production workers are professionally trained and certified to ensure that each stage of production is carried out in accordance with specifications. The production department strictly implements the process responsibility system, and each link forms an organic whole with clear production tasks, responsibilities and authority, and is able to co-ordinate, promote and control each other.

3.Quality Control System:

The production process quality inspection mainly includes incoming inspection (IQC), production process inspection (IPQC), final inspection control, feedback and handling of quality abnormalities, and quality records.

4. Packaging systems:

 JS FITTINGS has over 20 years experience in exporting and is very familiar with the packaging requirements of different markets and can provide customised packaging to suit the specific requirements of the customer, including the length, width and height of the pallet or crate, the choice of packaging materials, the display of markings, etc.

5. Inventory system:

For products that have been produced and not shipped in time, we complete the packaging as required and store them in a special warehouse to protect them from contamination. 

JS FITTINGS engineer

6. Pre-factory inspection system:

 Before leaving the factory, in addition to the usual inspection of appearance and dimensions, we also accept on-site inspection by the customer, third-party laboratory inspection of chemical composition and mechanical properties, as well as SGS third-party supervision of loading. 

7. After Sales Service System:

For regular products, we offer a 1 year warranty and within one year, any quality problems with the product can be replaced free of charge. For customers who are not experienced in importing or are not familiar with our products, we offer free professional guidance and solutions. We provide documentary support such as certificates of origin for every customer who requires it.

These seven systems are the foundation of JS FITTINGS’ success, allowing us to consistently deliver exceptional quality, value, and support to our customers. At JS FITTINGS, we strive to stand out from competitors by offering unparalleled quality, value, and support. Our comprehensive systems and processes demonstrate our dedication to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers. Trust JS FITTINGS for all your steel pipe fittings, flanges, and related product needs.

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Cangzhou, Hebei, China

Wuliyao Industry Zone, Yanshan County.